“Absolutely excellent. Kept us engaged and active all day. It was inspirational, it really was!”

Sr Edith, after a workshop in Manchester, March 2018

Exploring ‘Christ is Alive!’ and the Synod

We think the best way to get into these themes is to spend time exploring the themes creatively! We’ve put together some workshops and training materials to help groups delve into it more deeply.

We’re able to run half day, or full day interactive workshops for people involved in ministry whether it be primarily with young people, or a broader ministry within the Church.

Please get in touch to talk with us below about how we can help you explore ‘Christ is Alive!’ and the Synod on Youth!


At present we’re not able to offer workshops for free - but if this is a problem do get in touch, as we hope this will soon change.

Because of our limited capacity we’re not able to provide session for school aged young people, but hope to create some sessions and lesson plans for different contexts as the project develops.

The interactive workshops are delivered by Chris Knowles who has experience working for CAFOD’s education team in a training capacity, has MC’d the Global Teen Village at the Dublin World Meeting of Families in 2018 and also has experience teaching and lecturing at Roehampton and St Mary’s Universities.

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