Preview of our new 'Young Saints' exhibit in Walsingham


There aren’t many places in England and Wales where large numbers of Catholic young adults come together in the Church in the UK, but the Youth2000 Walsingham Festival is definitely one. We were invited in to share our resources with all of those there, and brought along our ‘new saints’ exhibit to give it a test drive!

In Christus Vivit Pope Francis shares the story of 13 young saints, so to help share the message of Christus Vivit we’ve created an exhibit profiling them with art work from JP De Quay. Through this exhibition we hope to share the stories of these inspirational young people so that we may pray to them for their intercession on our young people and the Church. 

“The heart of the Church is also full of young saints who devoted their lives to Christ, many of them even to dying a martyr’s death. They were precious reflections of the young Christ; their radiant witness encourages us and awakens us from our lethargy. The Synod pointed out that ‘many young saints have allowed the features of youth to shine forth in all their beauty, and in their day they have been real prophets of change. Their example shows what the young are capable of, when they open themselves up to encounter Christ’.” Christus Vivit #49

Chris Knowles