Synod Fruits Launches!

The Synod Fruits Team

The Synod Fruits Team

Pope Francis’ new exhortation Christus vivt and the whole synod process have much to offer the Church, this new set of resources, put together by young adults themselves, is available to help us all continue the Synod process by bringing it to life in our local communities. Young adults have already played a huge role in the Synod process so far, and we want to continue that with this project.

“We’re most excited about the guide to Francis’ new exhortation Christus vivit” Phil Callaghan, one of the young adults involved in the project said, “and there are a variety of resources, with more coming in the future, to help people in all kinds of contexts engage with the ideas from the Synod”

Last week the Pope released his post Synodal exhortation that puts the young at the heart of his vision for the renewal of the Church. Today a group of young people launch a project to help this become a reality in our Church in England and Wales.

Chris Knowles who is coordinating the project said that they “started this project because we think that young adults have so much to offer the Church and to help it preach the Gospel in our modern world, but too often there aren’t the opportunities. We’ve already started delivering workshops on the Synod, and it’s really exciting to help people see what implementing it could look like in their context.

Synod Fruits has resources available, is offering workshops and working in partnership with others to help ensure ‘Christ is alive!’ doesn’t remain an interesting text on the shelf next to the others, but something we can see and experience in our parishes and schools. Resources are online at

Fr David O’Malley, a Salesian priest said that what Synod Fruits was offering was a “great resources for all those who are wanting to discover what it means to accompany young people to help them realise their full potential. It’s exciting to see young people leading the way in this project, I think it’s exactly the kind of initiative Pope Francis hoped for when he called the Synod on youth”

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