‘Christ is Alive!’ Study Guide

Get stuck into the Pope’s exhortation with this study guide designed for groups and individuals

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Three Great Truths Poster Pack

Francis talks about three great truths of the Gospel that he wishes young people to hear over and over, things we should never keep quiet about. Each poster in this pack looks at one of the truths


‘Dear Young People’

Pope Francis has a lot to say to young people directly, this booklet tries to capture the richness of that


‘Dear Young Adults’

Pope Francis has a lot to say to young adults directly, this booklet gets into some of it


Working with the young: Lessons from ‘Christ is Alive!’

Pope Francis has a lot to say about youth ministry, this resource explores this and give cases studies to help you think about new approaches


Young Saints Prayer Cards

Pope Francis looks to a particular set of young saints, find out about them and use this material for prayer


Resources for Lessons and Youth Groups

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Our Guide to the 2018 Synod Final Document

The final document of the Synod is also an important document, get to grips with what was said with this guide

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Authentic Accompaniment

A set of reflections from the Synod to help us think about how we accompany young people


Authentic Accompanier’s

A set of reflections from the Synod to help us think about what we should be like if we want to accompany young people


‘Christ is Alive!’ and Synod Poster Pack

A couple of quote posters


Videos and Animations

This list will grow in the coming months, funding allowing, so do check back!

If you’re interested in printed copies of any of these resources, please get in touch with us.