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We’re not part of the synod secretariat, a local Bishops conference, order or diocese, but rather a group of young people excited about what the final document and subsequent apostolic exhortation from the Pope had to say, as well as inspired by the role young people had in the whole process.

So much is said about listening to and empowering young people in the Church. Taking that as our starting point we thought we would start this project to help share the fruits of the 2018 Synod and help support its implementation in the Church in England and Wales.

This is one project amongst others developed by a group of young adults working under the banner ‘Forming Missionary Disciples’, you can find more about us on our site here. While working with the rest of the group, Chris Knowles is spearheading this project for the coming months, hoping to secure some further funding as things develop.

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Our Vision

Young people have a huge amount to offer the Church, especially in helping us to remember the newness of the Gospel and the ongoing renewal this calls us to.

At the 2018 Synod hundreds of bishops and cardinals, as well as female religious and young people had a foretaste of what could happen if we could open ourselves up to the action of the Holy Spirit more effectively across all generations, especially with the young.

This project hopes to unpack some of the richness of the Synod documents as well as Christus Vivit, and learn from the process that created them so as to help the process of implementation in our Church.

We want to share the fruits of the Synod so that the Church can continue to both preach the Gospel and engage the modern world with integrity and authenticity.

Do you share this vision? Get in touch, work with us and if you’re able please think of giving to help us reach more people!

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Work With Us

Interested in promoting the synod, the Pope’s exhortation and empowering young people to be leaders in the constant renew the Church? If so, please do get in touch!

We’re really keen to work with others because the more of us there are, the more we can do.

Working intergeneration-ally is something that’s been really important to the synod process, so this is something we’d be interested in exploring with you.

The nature of the Church as a 2000 year old organisations means it can be a challenge to start to look at things in new ways, but by working together we can support the young highlight the newness of the Gospel and what it means to live it out authentically in todays modern world.

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Contact Us

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Contact Chris Knowles, our coordinator, below if you want to work with us to help implement the 2018 Synod, or simply find out more!

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