As a group of young adults and not a bigger organisation we’ve put our own resources and money in to get this project off the ground, but there’s a lot more we’d like to do.

We’d like to make some interactive videos and animations focusing on themes from the synod and exhortation, put together reflections from those involved, keep a blog looking at how the synod is being implemented here and elsewhere in the world.

At the moment we’re also having to charge for workshops, but we’d like to be able to offer these for free if groups are unable to pay. All of this, too, takes time to promote and coordinate.

If you’re able to help in any way, either as an individual or organisations, or if you know who else may be able to help us, please do get in touch!

This might be financially, or help with printing, use of venues for training or advice and support for our coordinator/team.

We’re not a registered charity as the administrative burden would overwhelm us at the moment, but if this would be a barrier - please get in touch anyway.

Whether you’re able to help with any of the above or not, please do keep us all in your prayers!